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I have a genuine passion for writing books and reading books written by others. I don't limit myself by genre.

My Winged Protector Book Two:



My Winged Protector Book Two will pick up two years after Book One. The main characters are older and therefore, they will face new challenges in a grown up manner. The story will reintroduce the same characters from Book One, however, new characters will be given a voice. There were relationships that weren't explained in Book One that will now be unraveled. 


he idea of Book One was to introduce the concepts of Heaven, Hell and Love through my eyes. Though, Book Two will go deeper into the tangles and triumphs of relationships spiritually and physically. 

Book Two was on the agenda to be released between 2014-2015, however, as there will be no more follow on books after Book Two, I want to do the two part series justice.


These are my aspirations and I sincerely hope that I accomplish what I have set out to do.

The cover for Book Two is not available yet, though when the design is finished I will upload it here.